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and explore the Dance Camp schedule.

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RTSf 2019 Info Booklet

Download information booklet with all details and prices.


RTSF 2019 Dance Camp Schedule

Dance Camp Schedule


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Seating Map Deutsches Theater
Seating Map Kolpinghaus Seating Map Deutsches Theater



Jean Veloz (USA) –

celebrating her 95th birthday!



Ray Collins’ Hot Club

NP Big Band

Si Cranstoun

Gentlemen & Gangsters

Jackson Sloan

Swing Shouters ft. Lise Bourbon

Jumpin’ Up

 Nine Pennies

Drew Davis Combo

the Blind Rats

Sugar Daddy & The Cereal Killers

Chris Aron & The Croakers ft. King D. (Buddy Holly Special)




Jean Veloz

Nils & Bianca

Thomas & Sophie

Stephen & Chanzie

Sondre & Tanya

JB & Daria

Thorbjørn & Flora

Andreas & Olga

Joseph & Charlotte

Pontus & Sara

Nicolas & Hyunjung

Olivier & natasha

Markus & Jessica

Gas & Alba

Grzegorz & Agnieszka

Gio & Gaby

Nejc & Fancy

Rasmus & Mona

Victor & Wilma

Fabien & Lisa

Rasmus & Tove

Martynas & Alexa

Flo & Veronika

Arnas & Eglė

Domen & Gosia

Nellia & Dietmar

Michal & Katarzyna

Eirik & Zoryana

Rokas & Rūta

Heiko & Larissa

Andreas & Elsa

Wiliam & Alice

Teis & Maja

Filip & Cherry

Micha & Alex

Sasha & Marina

Marcus & Bärbl







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