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We are working full throttle on the new website. Just a few days patience. You will find the important information in the booklet. 

RTSF 2017 Booklet

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Bands 2017

Si Cranstoun (UK)

NP Big Band (ITA)

Jumpin’ Up (ITA)

Gentlemen & Gangsters (SWE)

Sugar Daddy & The Cereal Killers (ITA)

Doc Scanlon's International All Stars (ESP/RUS/USA)

Jackson Sloan (UK)

Doc Scanlon's Cool Cat Combo (ESP)

Funtasten (GER)

Nine pennies (ITA)


Sugar & Barbara (USA)

Trainer 2017

ThorbjØrn (NOR) & Flora (FRA)

William & Maeva (FRA)

Nicolas & Mikaela (SWE)

Thomas & Sophie (FRA)

Stephen & Chanzie (USA)

JB (FRA) & Abeth (PRT)

Grzegorz & Agnieszka (POL)

Olivier & Natasha (FRA)

Nils (SWE) & Bianca (ITA)

Rasmus & Tove (SWE)

Andreas & Olga (SWE/RUS)

Gas & Alba (ESP)

Sondre (NOR) & Tanya (UKR)

Martynas & Eglè (LIT)

Markus & Jessica (AUT)

Fabien & Lisa (FRA)

Arnas & Egle (LIT)

florian & Veronika (GER)

Albert & Deb (ESP/USA)

Domen (GER) & GOSIA (POL)

Andreas & Elsa (AUT)

Hugo & Mélanie (FRA)

Vinnie & Kat (FRA)

taras & Vitalia (UKR)

Micha & ALEX (GER)

Alex & Julia (GER)

Jaycee & Lucy (FRA)

Marcus & Bärbl (GER)

KSenia (RUS)

Matteo (ITA)

Rokas (LIT)

More details coming soon...

Check out the highlights of the last edition (2016)

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